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Our firm's quality control procedure implements the use of a four point review process on each appraisal:
  1. Field Data Review
    When the appraisal process begins, the appraiser verifies and reviews all subject property and comparable data. This data is verified from as many relevant sources as possible. At least two of the sources are stated in the report. Typical documentations of field data are received from multi-list services, market data services, realtors, brokers, municipal departments, public records, Marshall & Swift cost service, etc.
  2. Content Review
    After the first draft of the report is in the computer, the appraiser completes a content scan to determine if all necessary maps, photos, sketches, and addendums are complete, accurate, and implicit in meaning to the client.
  3. Clerical Review
    The third quality check includes a review focused on all clerical aspects of the report: grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Our software spellcheck is also used at this point.
  4. Final Review
    At the end of the appraisal process, a final cover-to-cover reading is completed, including a full review of all technical concerns. Each report is reviewed and written based on FNMA guidelines and requirements, with certain adherence to USPAP regulations. Each report exhibits extra care in writing and review in order to avoid oversights and/or unanswered questions.
Please note: APPRAISAL NETWORK of Michigan, Inc. owns a Marshall & Swift cost handbook, census data, and FEMA flood maps for each area on our fee schedule. The firm prepares reports with digital photographs and offers EDI services.

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